Friday, June 13, 2014

Doom Reaver maniacs for Warmachine Khador

After a few intro games of Warmachine with my Khador force it is obvious that some type of infantry will be helpful so I acquired a box of metal Doom Reavers miniatures. Back story is that they are basically an evil magic sword that is chained to some criminal stooge. They get the 'Reach' rule which is they can attack enemies within 2 inches. They can also be even more buffed by the inclusion of an escort Wizard who also helps prevent them from continuing to punch on if they remove an enemy (blood crazed berserkers).
It took me a while to paint these maniacs and these are not the best of photos. On the metal bits I used washes then went back and highlighted them. The faces in the swords is brass, brown wash then highlighted. That feature is probably a good opportunity for painters who like to make the inner glow effect.
Just walk away and I promise you will live.

You can't defeat The Humongous!
With the holes in those face masks and the bulging muscles on display they remind me of someone in a classic Australian movie. Some sort of happy family road trip film set in the outback perhaps?


Cheers from Brendon


  1. Oh wow! Love these Brendon, great work sir.

  2. Thanks Andrew and Michael.

  3. The Doom Reavers are terrifying! They do remind me of that heart warming family road trip film.