Saturday, March 15, 2014

Viking Banner and Saxons

Here is some figures I completed recently. 28mm Gripping Beast plastic (x 3) and 1 Foundry Metal Viking.
The Saxons was an experiment to see how they would look with unarmored heads from the Warriors box.
The Viking came with a banner pole that was very thin and the join on the top hand was not going to last long at all. I cut it off and did a shallow drill then glued on a plastic spear that I had chopped away the gripping hand from. He will give an Army Standard boost to my Viking hordes.
I made the banner with an image I found on-line. I think it is actually a Tattoo so thank you tattoo artist and hope you don't mind me using it. I gave him some army painter meadow flowers on his base as he is no doubt a veteran and because of his deeds he is given the honor of carrying the thirsty crows of Odin.
"Fear the Ravens. They are thirsty for your blood and will soon become fat with it" Yaaaarrrrggh!
The two shields with white are hand painted and the other is of course a Little Big Men decal.
Bald headed dude sez "Um, excuse me long beard are you in the right army?"
Lets do the Dark Ages Conga Line. Careful with that spear Wessex man!
If you like this banner and want to use it here is a big  jpeg version that you can shrink print at the size you need. I stained the one above to give it that dirty Dark Age feel.

Cheers from Brendon


  1. Awesome work Brendon! Love the flag, might have to do another unit just so as I can use that flag!

  2. Very good work, and your banner is sweet!

  3. Lovely work, Brendon; the banner finishes the group to perfection!

  4. Doh! I realised my mistake after publishing. I will correct it.

  5. They look great, especially the bald chap.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, such a characterful bit of sculpting.

  6. Hi,
    I like the way you used it, I dont mind.
    It is a pair of Odins ravens I designed and tattooed on a friend of mine.
    I specialized in viking design, look at more on my web site .

  7. Thank you very much Zele. You do excellent work.