Monday, March 24, 2014

28mm Cowboys and two Romans

This wasn't the last submission for the Painting Challenge. It was sent before the Shieldwall final stand but due to the very busy time it wasn't posted until after the final Bonus Theme post. These figures I pushed over the line to completion as they had sat in a very close to completed state for a while on my table and some longer than others.

An Early Imperial Roman Army Standard figure by Warlord games and a Gladiator from Foundry. I managed to get a few of the Gladiators in my collection completed in the challenge. Still some to do though. 
The Standard bearer had a lot of flash to remove and many others have mentioned that this is common with Warlord Metals. Takes a bit of time to fix but it's a great figure with nice detail.

The Black Hat Gang below continues to grow after having been started near the start of the challenge. Only a few more of these Foundry Cowboy gunslingers remain in the unpainted outlands. 

This wounded cowboy below has been sent to Curt in Canada as the entry fee figure. Foundry actually sent me two of this guy like they had for the HUGE hatted twins above. I thought it is a cool looking figure.

 Not my best photography but not my worst as well. The light was problematic on the day I took these. But you get that in the Wet Season.

Cheers from Brendon
PS: Win free stuff here at Model Dads Blog site. Looks like a nice kit.


  1. Nice looking set of minis! Love the pose and paintjob on the standard bearer. Brilliant looking mini

  2. Great entries and a good challenge all round - here's to next year.

  3. Great gang and nicely painted - the romans look the business too.

  4. Thanks for the feedback.