Friday, August 30, 2013

Dwarf Characters

For my Kings of War Dwarf Army I acquired some Scibor miniatures for Heroes and they are very nice. I used colours to match the Army of course and these probably need just a little more work on them. The army standard bearer has a standard that is actually from an Avatars of War Dwarf Beserker plastic kit. I naturally had to add a pair of sacred and magical Beer drinking vessels to the hands of the statue. I was considering painting the statue of the Great Bearded Drinker as metal. I think while it does match the rocks on the unit bases it could do with a quick dry brush of a lighter colour to give it more pop.

I got creative and made these beasts below. They came about because I decided to try a game using my regular Dwarfs as Evil Dwarfs (Abyssal Dwarfs). That came about because as part of being a KoW kickstarter backer, Mantic sent me some Golems (x 3) as part of the rewards. The Evil Dwarfs have access to them as an option. So after that game and more reading of the options it turns out they have a very powerful Hero option of these Halfbreeds. I joined them to some old GW chaos knight horses from my old miniatures horde with the help of some modelling putty and bits. The oversize belt buckle is a Mantic Dwarf standard accessory. It was fun and not something I have done in a long time. 

Anyway perhaps these bad tempered beasts came about from a mythical drinking session. The story goes on about something that happened while a forbidden magical and unusually strong brew (even by dwarf standards) was consumed in Lost Vaygas and a prank or a dare that no one actually remembered the next day but months later something odd was born unto the world.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi) 


  1. Love the conversions and the back story. Also would not know any were conversions if you did not say so


  2. Incredible idea on the dwartaurs. Reminds me of of the old GW evil dwarf bulltaur things.