Monday, April 8, 2013

Praetorian Guard

After dip and with the shields attached Warlord Games Praetorian Guard. I have also matt varnished them but I gloss varnished the shields and some small areas of armour. I don't know if they had shiny shields back in the day (nor care really) but that's how I am going to roll with my Romans. The gloss will hopefully help protect the transfer. They historically may have been painted leather covers on wood so perhaps it was less likely they had a nice shiny finish. By the way the shields take a lot longer to complete compared to the one decal regular legionnaires. Two transfers per shield combined with curved edges to trim = sheeeesh. But it gives a great result.
White is not a colour that I have a good history of being happy with when it comes to painting figures but these seemed to work fine. The Strong Tone wash which I thinned down worked well in my opinion. I could have considered adding a little red somewhere on the figures (scabbards or even the punk rock Mohawks perhaps) to tie in with the shields. A small purple border is something I also considered for the leaders white cape toga like thing draped over his arm.
As you can see it is a unit of 16 but the foot print for most games is for a unit of 20. The kit comes with some small round shields so I might consider adding those to hang off the belts of the standard and trumpet blower. I am yet to flock any of my Romans so far...another one of the jobs in my 'round to it' file.

Cheers for now from The Kiwi (Brendon)