Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1480 points Late Flames of War game

US Light Tanks (2nd Cav from 'Devils Charge') versus British Tanks. Mission: Break Through.

USA (Me)
HQ: 2 x Stuarts
Combat 1: 5 x Stuarts
Combat 2: 5 x Stuarts
Infantry: Full Rifle Platoon (Boss SMG upgrade and 1 x Zooka upgrade)
Recce platoon: 2 x Jeeps and 1 M8
Artillery: Full 6 Priest battery and 2 x Halftracks.
Air Support: Limited Thunderbolts

Brits (Lochy)
HQ: 2 x Shermans
Combat 1: 3 x Shermans and 1 x Firefly
Combat 2: 2 x Shermans and 1 x Firefly
Infantry (Motor)
Sexton Artillery battery (4)

1st Sherman Platoon in Ambush, Infantry deploy around objective in the woods, without the transports.
HQ Shermans back of the woods behind the infantry.
Priests and Stuarts in front head through the village.
The Stuarts eventually surround the HQ Sherman and bail him with side shots.
Recce push up road and the area in front of the forest area that contains the British Infantry. This probe is to help push back any potential ambush. Stuarts with the 2iC head towards the wheat field. Observer Sherman points his gun towards the Wheat field thinking....hmmmm...those lumps look a little suspect.

AMBUSH! Shermans throw off the stacked hay and blast the Stuarts but only destroy one of them. The Stuarts move around them to get side shots...no effect!
Infantry push towards the British Infantry in the woods. Recce team reveals one team to help shooting to pin them down. It works The Stuarts move into and across the wheat field to get some more side shots this time at the Firefly but 2 of them spray the British infantry. Infantry Chaaaaaaarge! Um, wait a minute. The US infantry pull back as they realise they are very close to a British Sherman at the back of the woods (failed the are you nuts? They have a TANK test).
Meanwhile the Stuarts that surrounded the Brit 1iC Sherman get blown up and the rest including the US 1iC decide to withdraw to clean their tanks. But the Priests have moved towards the objective on the hill and destroy the British leader. By now the British reserves arrive and the Sextons and Shermans do the best they can to remove the Priests from setting up camp at Cheese Burger hill. But wait, what's that in the sky, is it a bird, is it a flying jug, no, its a Thunderbolt from the sky who knocks out 2 tanks from the Sherman reserves.
The Americans own the hill and it is all over. The British did not lose a platoon, the Americans lost one. But with the objective now considered owned by the loot laiden Artillery gypsy caravan platoon there is no point hanging around after dark and being tricked into having your palm read or getting on the bad end of a gypsy curse.
For this table we laid out the Battlefront European buildings. I subscribed to the 'they send you a house every month' deal. The walls in the last image and the the memorial came as a FREE bonus as did the small add on side parts of the buildings (I love free stuff). Pre-painted so they get on the table as soon as you can play your next game.
It's not always that a Light Tank force can do as well as I did in this game. Lochy got unlucky with a few Bail results rather than BOOMS! If the game was to go any longer I would have soon disintegrated. Not bad though for a morning that had me really tired and Lochy Hungover.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Nice battle report - the arrows really helped me figure out what was going on. If I may make one suggestion, use different colors for each side next time. That would really help to show the thrust and parry of the game.

    I'll be looking forward to the next one!

    Nick blogs at Spotting Round.

  2. Thanks Nick. I will take on board what you have said.
    cheers and thanks for having a look and commenting.