Friday, February 8, 2013

Rogue Trooper the tabletop 28mm Wargame

Wow. I heard about a brand new Kickstarter for a 28mm wargame based on the 2,000ad comic strip hero Rogue Trooper and his world and thought I had to share the news here. Man...if it was the 1980s and this came out I think my head would have just about exploded.
Who is Rogue Trooper? A soldier, a G.I. (Genetically engineered Infantry). He has blue skin and was designed to cope with the chemically devastated conditions of the battleground on Nu Earth. A planet that is near a wormhole so is strategically important. Regular humans can not wage war or exist on Nu Earth without chem suits. A rip or tear means death. Rogue was dropped onto the planet with a bunch of fellow G.I. but due to treachery they all got slaughtered so he is the last of his kind who stalks around the planet trying to find the traitors. He is helped by his former buddys who are now contained in bio-chips inserted in his gun, helmet and backpack. So he talks to his equipment and they are not always mentally stable.
He was created for one of the two sides, The Southers who, fight The Northers (Norts). The warfare in the strip was in a world that made you think of WW1 conditions. Devastated environment, gas clouds, infantry, tanks and other crazy secret weapons. It mixed in contemporary warfare concepts with sci-fi technologys but I don't re-call Aliens so it's Humans versus Humans.
The Northers used German stormtrooper type concepts or even at times WW2 Japanese concepts like swords in Banzai charges. The Southers seemed to use British and American types of ideas. Of course you may have worked out that Rogue was a good guy and fought on the Southers side so they had a comic book good guy aspect. But the game does not feature Rogue as the main event by the looks but he is included as a Secret Weapon in the seemingly never ending insane war. Visually the comic was cool. It had a great aesthetic. Hopefully that transfers to the look of the game. It had HUGE tanks so it will be interesting to follow the progress to see if that aspect transfers to the game but at it's core was the infantry.
Here is a link to the first episode from the weekly series. I may have to seek out a collected works to re-read the storys at some stage.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Must admit Rogue Trooper was one of my favourites too. When I first saw this post I thought you had found some one else making a game based on the comic strip, but I see it is Mongoose following up their Dredd miniatures game. I'm sure I read recently that a Rogue Trooper movie may be in the pipeline. The traitor storyline is a ready made script.

  2. The kickstarter has just reached its funding total already in under 3 hours!!!

  3. Carl thats amazing. Hopefully they make a nice range of toys at the end of the project.
    MarkG a Rogue Trooper movie could be very cool.