Monday, January 14, 2013

Big Flames of War game

We recently had a large Flames of War Late War Game at our regular club meeting place. Soviets versus Germans and an American company. Must have been a WW3 game or even an alternate history.
We pushed two 6 x 4 tables together. Above you can see some of those Battlefront subscription buildings. My battle was fighting for the Iron Cross objective on the road between the hills above. This objective started in no mans land as we deployed diagonally with a 24inch separation which seemed to work well and gave us the room that the large amount of toys needed. My German Panzers (IV H) with an FJ platoon, Flakpanzer platoon, and 4 x 88 Anti Tank guns (lasers) in support smashed up against an IS-2 company. So it was total mayhem and I was helped by the arrival of more Panzer IV H from reserve as another player turned up during the game. 

Stalins Organ car park above in the Russian corner.

Lots of destroyed tanks above.

Meanwhile over on the other side of the table the Yanks (Ninja teams) get under pressure by infantry and T-34 85 tanks. German reinforcements (Panthers and Tigers) didn't survive the fight for the village. Garys Litko dead tank tokens looking groovy.

As much as it was fun and as good as it was to play Flames of War after not playing the game for a while I have a Love/Hate relationship with 4 player or more games at the moment. Perhaps that's because our group has played a lot of them recently. Also perhaps because the end is often inconclusive of a clear winner. You have to be patient as well as you wait for players to resolve play and I like gaming action and itch to roll dice and push resin and metal. They do however provide a great way to discuss rules and tricky areas as they pop up during the game so you learn in a group. Phils IS-2 Tanks as always are a real pleasure to see on the table. I took some more photos of them and will publish them in a future post as they are too good not to be shared.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)