Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Honest photo of my work space

I was made aware of a prize you could win (thanks Scott) for taking a photo of my work space so here is my space right now in all it's messy glory. Link to prize and details here so have at it.
As you can see it needs a good tidy up (a possible under statement).
Chair....old cheap dining table chair. I recently placed a cushion on it. Might be room for improvement here but I don't slouch in this chair. ex-dining room table as well and the end to the right that you can't see is used by the kid for her drawing and crafty projects.
Stereo...Old, only takes one CD at a time (yep, I still have a CD collection. Old fashioned I know).
Lighting...two desk lamps. One has a flip up lid to reveal a magnifier underneath. I don't actually use it very much at all. I figure if it is that small then most folks won't see it on a gaming table in any case. Fresh air and light comes through the window directly opposite me when I am seated. the old mug under the white lamp usually.
Paints...mostly Vallejo paint in the funky paint holder I purchased from Back2Basix (a great and useful product).

I usually spray stuff (base colour undercoats and Matt varnish) out side in the back yard but recently I sprayed some figures in this room with Taimiya Matt spray (small can on the speaker). The reason why is I am using the Army Painter Dip method with my Mantic Dwarfs. They get very shiny from this method so when it came to dull coating them it is not worth the risk doing this outside at this time of the year. Here in Darwin we get high levels of humidity and if you spray any form of Matt varnish you run a real risk of your nicely painted miniatures getting a frosty unwanted coating. So I shut the door and the window turn the Air-Con on for a while and once I feel the air is dry enough I slap on a dust mask and do a little spraying then I do not return until the next day. Well actually, I return around half an hour later to turn the air-con off and maybe even later to open the window. By morning the room seems fine. As with any house in Australia's Top End of course the room has a ceiling fan which helps get rid of anything smelly as well. This method I only trialled out recently seems to work fine and it beats waiting until the Wet Season ends.

This man cave has previously been a Teenagers bedroom (twice) and a baby room when the kid was in nappy's (diapers for US readers) in the time that we have occupied this dwelling. A desk extractor bench vent thingy ccould be a very handy (and healthy) addition to this space but perhaps I better have a tidy up in any case. Despite it's often messy appearance I think good results exit the work area and that's what counts really.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)

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  1. Hi Brendon,

    Its great to see that you have entered. I've printed off this photo and added it to our entry box.

    Best of luck, I will be in touch on the 17th December to announce the winner. If you could drop me an email on just so I can get your email address and a way of making you aware of the outcome of the competition.

    That would be great.

    All the best,