Monday, October 22, 2012

Dwarf army progress and Warbases

I have been making progress on a Mantic Kings of War Dwarf Army and it has been a long time since I undertook a project like this. My Flames of War Armys are at a state that I just add new platoons to them really so a project like this with an Army from the very start is a big challenge. Although a while back I managed to get a whole lot of Saga Saxons completed this project has proven to be very different. Getting my head around Fantasy over my usual Historical was difficult initially. At first I was still trying to stick to a style I liked when doing 28mm Saxons and Vikings but I came to the conclusion that I really needed to get much simpler for time economy but also the fact that the figures look a little cartoony so a more simple cartoony style suits these figures well.
Not long ago some additional custom bases that I had Warbases.UK create for me turned up and below is how I plan to use them. As you can see below they are 'add to the side' bases meaning I get the footprint for a Horde unit (40 Dwarves). Of course I will not be using 40 Dwarves but will pad out the base with some scenic basing ideas. Rocks and Beer Barrels mostly.

Something like this for a Horde Unit.
 Here are the bases without figures placed on them.

Here is a 9 hole base (5 holes across the front). The Dwarves shown here have not been Matt Varnished yet so they are still glossy from being dipped in Army Painter Strong Tone. The round shield on the Unit boss is not a Mantic Dwarf shield but from another manufacturers plastic sprue. A friends left overs from some Wargames Factory Celts I think (thanks Dave).

Dwarven Throwing Mastiff markers. Looking at the player rather than figures across the table perhaps.
These are a use once only unit upgrade so the figures are just token markers and removed from play once used. Apologies for the dodgy photo quality but I was testing out the Camera ability in my Mobile Smarty Pants Phone (and also my ability or lack of).

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)

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