Thursday, September 20, 2012

Paint Rack from Back 2 Basix

I am well pleased with this recent acquisition to my messy Man Cave hobby area work table.
It was great to come across an Australian supplier of an item like this because it's usually a seller in another country who I am buying stuff from and postage costs varies. Made by Back 2 Basix who have also introduced recently an interesting modular table top idea that uses Rare Earth magnets to keep it all tight and together. In fact after assembling the pack I received had some big Rare Earth Magnets left over. I wasn't sure what they were for at first. I looked them up and it turns out these are for joining any more rack add-ons to either end if you need even more paint storage in the future. Cool!
The rack requires assembly as I mentioned and it comes to you as a flat item. In fact I was told a parcel that might be a book or magazine was waiting for me at home one day. After removing the protective paper construction was easy really after following along the Video from the sellers web site on line. You can get the various Rack options in MDF if Perspex is not your thing. I went perspex because of the very high humidity we can get here in the summer and I am thinking that MDF may not last. It would probably get mouldy eventually and that is not healthy in man cave. I also went with the option to have two small drawers which I am using one for small decal sheets that can easily be lost without having a home for them. The Paint Rack options are many with lots of colour options and also hole size options for other paint makers like GW. Most of my paints tend to be Vallejo. It's a great product in my opinion.

I used to be like this....
Then I tried this...but figured out I was doing it all wrong.

I hope that gave you a laugh or even just a smile.

All the best from a much tidier gamer.
Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. That is a classy paint rack.I really like the idea of the draws as well as I have little paper flags and decals that as you said can get lost


  2. Very cool. I must admit I'm in a constant state of 'picture No.2'...