Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The brutality of the Vikings

Tis but a flesh wound I tell you.

How does this happen? When I leave it way too long between blade changes. The blade gets blunter. I start using more force. A slip and then it gets all bloody.
Just another week in the life of a wargamer.
Inspired by Lochys recent post on his Saga journey and also me picking a smaller project to do rather than a huge longer term one I am currently putting some Gripping Beast plastic vikings and Saxons together. Just a few for now. As slow going as it is, especially when compared to getting some metal vikings, it is actually a lot of fun to create a variety of poses. I have run out of round bases so in some way this will see me stop at some point and splash some paint around. I will be sure to show you all my results and I predict that the painting will be less brutal than chopping up plastic figures.

Cheers and keep it brutal from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Your such a bravetrooper LOL

    I have stabbed myself three times this week. Once with a file and once with a just attached new blade, that one was deep but I survived without a trip to casulty (not sure how though!!)


  2. You're not a real wargamer unless you got bitten, eh?