Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back from a massive holiday.

I have been away from blogging and away from gaming for what seems like an age but me and the family have had an incredible time in NZ (4 weeks) and then Cairns (North Queensland) for 10 days. I managed to have a very quick sticky beak in only 2 Games shops in NZ. One in Christchurch and one in Auckland. Comics Compulsion in Quakechurch had some nice painted toys on display and the shop bloke was friendly. Vagabond games in Auckland City was stocked really well and at both shops I had a very quick flick through the Wolf and Bear late war Eastern Front books and it was good to get home and pick up my copys from Comics NT here in Darwin.
I visited some cool museums and took pics so I will get around to posting these on here at some stage in the near future. I had such a good time that I am so looking forward to doing it all again in the future.
Been some interesting FOW developments recently and no doubt the net is awash with discussions about Flames of War 3rd Edition rules. The bits I have seen only look like positive changes to the way we play our favourite game. Once again Battlefront have also excelled themselves by giving away for FREE small copys of the complete rule book! That is for those who already have a hard copy version but still that is an incredible undertaking for the 2nd time as well. This happened for version 2.
Anyway hope you all had a great Christmas and an excellent New Year and here is a pic I took recently of something I saw on the Cairns Esplanade. It probably does not register with most people who walk past what this is about.

Z Force was basically a special forces unit in WW2. Super Top Secret unit back in the day. They had a base here in Darwin during WW2 as well but trained in Cairns and other places for operations against the Japanese. In my opinion these guys had suicide assignments and missions. Read up on them and come to your own conclusion but they had some mad plans. If you visit or live in Sydney you can see a small boat called The Krait in the Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour. Z Force Commandos used this boat to go as far North as Singapore, sink some ships with limpet mines and get back to Australia (Operation Jaywick).

Anyway more posts to come in the near future, cheers for now.

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