Friday, December 2, 2011

Funky German Early War recon platoon (6 Rad)

This week I got 2 x 6 Rads completed.
The first great thing about getting a blister of these 6 Rads is that you get 2 armoured cars. The second great thing is that 2 is enough for a platoon. The third great things is that they have a 1 colour paint scheme.
As far as building an early war list they are a fraction cheaper points wise than the 8 Rad armoured car recon option.  Here is a few pics I took of them complete with decals from Dom's Decals.
Cheers from The Kiwi (Brendon).


  1. They look good mate. If you wanted a little more verity you could give them a brown camo stripe affect but they look fine as they are. :)

  2. Thanks fellas. My Eary War german vehicles are all just plain Gray so to keep them all the same I didn't bother with the Brown camo colour. I am Looking forward to Early War Eastern Front.