Friday, August 12, 2011

Priest M2A1 105mm

This week I completed three Priests which make a good start to adding some Artillery to my American Flames of War options. I had 1 blister in my 'round to it' box that I purchased a while back and my local supplier (Comics NT) just happend to have 2 more when I went and had looksee last weekend. These 2 happened to have the Plastic tracks and the old blister, metal ones. I actually really like the plastic tracks and .50cal MG over the old metal parts. I intend to get 3 more Piests to give me the option for the full sized platoon eventually of course. I normally like to paint an entire platon at the same time but as 3 can be used I just got stuck into these models. It was a good chance also to try out painting US uniforms for the first time. Something I was keen to try.

One gun crew figure was actually missing a hand (poor fella). But I used him anyway and just positioned him so it would be very hard to see.
Some of the stowage added is from Brevet, drum and tracks are Battlefront and the larger roll I made from milliput. Most historic images show Priests with LOTS of stowage.
One of my dilemas was how to place any allied stars. I usually (but not always) try and find an historical refrence for this and it turns out that you have many options. No Stars, 1 star on the front or sides, small, big, circled or non circled or even roughly painted out with black paint. Lots of options.
 I like these Concord Armour at War series for reference and inspiration. They have colour side views in them as well as loads of old photos.



  1. ah, very nice stuff! I will have to get around doing the "ammies" once I am done with the soviet hordes.

    Hod you get this fantastic color variation on the green?

  2. Your Priests look great! I really like the added stowage, and they have just the right amount of weathering. Keep up the good work!

  3. Lovely models and weathering

    Chris from Model Dads

  4. Thanks and glad you like them.
    The colour is the standard Battlefront recomendation for painting US tanks. Vallejo Brown Violet on a black primer. Perhaps it's my lighting or the Khaki drybrush that makes the colour looked different.