Thursday, July 28, 2011

M5A1 Stuarts & Shermans (105mm)

My first American teams for Flames of War. I wanted a really dirty look on these as that was what stuck with me visually in the historic photos I looked at. In the images most tanks seemed so dirty that it made the allied stars almost invisible. One of the great things about single colour tanks (apart from being a little quicker and easier to paint) is how well it shows weathering. I purchased these tanks a while back so once again another good hit on my stock of unpainted toys. I painted one Stuart Platoon with black camo to help tell them apart when I get around to using them both in a game. I added a few more bits of stowage, another noticeable aspect in old WW2 photos. The Shermans in these pics are about 95% done and the Stuarts just really need a little more matt varnish.

You get some bonus views of the Kings Tigers I have almost completed as well. They have been sitting around for a while. The Cassino book was most responsible for giving me inspiration to attack the Stuarts but I plan to make a Light Tank list from Turning Tide at some stage. But that means getting a bunch more US stuff built and painted.


  1. These look really cool. I'm just about to start assembling some Stuarts myself and these pictures are a real inspiration.

  2. Thanks BigLee. Looking forward to seeing yours.

  3. Nice looking tanks, Kiwi. I'm very interesting in painting up US troops. I'm waiting a bit to have plastic models out in the market but a US army is my next project (finishing my German grenadier Coy and moving on to a late war Soviet army...)

    Added your blog to my blog roll.

  4. Thanks Braxen. I checked out ya blog and I am now a follower. You do great work.