Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flak Nest bunker and FJ Flak 2cm.

Inspired by the latest Cassino Flames of War book I got stuck into completing another 'round to it' project. I brought some blisters of FJ 2cm AA a long while back and one blister was so old that it actually only had 1 2cm AA team. But it came with a Kettencrad motorcycle halftrack groovy thing which I put to the side for another future project. This platoon is a lot cheaper in Cassino so it will be tried out in a list one day.

 Command Team is yet to be based and I mixed some older non camo blokes in. One blister came with a non FJ 2cm operator so I mixed a dark blue to make a Luftwaffe type jacket but not so sure about how it came out.

The inclusion of Fortifications in Cassino and also the relative ease of doing the FJ AA inspired me to create some 2cm Flak Nests. Using some large bases I slowly built up some filler and added some card strips inside and added some vertical braces by hacking down some Satay sticks. Milliputt was modeled into sandbags, some paper was soaked in Glue and water draped and pushed until I was happy with it. Some Milliputt was modeled as Camo netting so we will see how it paints up.



  1. Your mini's and guns look great! I can't wait to see the finished gun pits! Keep the pics coming. Cheers!