Friday, July 1, 2011

Cassino. New Flames of War Late War book Part 2.

Following on from my previous post on the Cassino book here is my next ramblings.
This time it’s about Allies, specifically Brits and Yanks. A fellow player (Pete) has discussed the topic of mixing Brit and Yank support Platoons in Company’s a while back and the Cassino book sees this option available. This happens in Cassino with the US 91st Cavalry Company and the Indian/Gurkha or New Zealand/Maori Rifle Company’s.

Starting at the end of the lists Indians and Kiwis can now have instead of 25pdrs, American M2A1 105mm in support. This is the same for the US 91st Calvary Company who can have British 25pdr platoon in support. The heavier artillery is the same. Lists can include Brit 5.5inch or US 155mm guns. These of course require the same amount of respective 25pdrs or 105mm guns in the lists first.

Why would you do this? It is great way to expand your collection is a good reason I can think of. I know I have certainly been on the receiving end of the brutal ‘Time on Target’ US artillery special rule and thought man, that is bad ass! It might be a good way to move into playing with another nation as well by adding these other country’s platoons and learning the special rules that go with them.

91st Cavalry Recon Squadron (Infantry)
Dismounted Cavalry Troop
The more I read this list the more I want to put a list together and play it. Why? It has some really cool options and possible combinations that really appeal to me as a player. I have never played with US companys before and many appeal to me but this one looks real cool.
Getting a jump on the other player.
Combat platoons in this list are Recon so they get the pre turn 1 Recce move ability. COOL! However this list also has another platoon that can move out before the start whistle is blown. Cavalry Light Tank Platoon which is a max of 4 M5A1 Stuarts. Awesome!  Why awesome? Because they have ‘Light Tank’ giving them 16” regular movement….YEAH! The list also has 2 slots to get 2 platoons of these Stuarts in the mix. These Stuarts are also not Recce Teams unlike the Infantry platoons. Some players at this point may say…hmmmm Recce can be a pain with the ‘forced to disengage’ rule. However this Company has a ‘Rough and Ready Recon’ special rule which gives them a re-roll when they fail the test. It increases the chances of that happening when you don’t want it too.

Max sized Combat platoons in this infantry list are 11 or 10 if you pull out the Mortars to make a new Mortar platoon. Either way it means Platoon break tests don’t happen until 6 teams are destroyed. Good staying power.
Flexibility. Before deployment each Combat platoon can swop its equipment. Hmmmmm…. digging in against a massed tank attack then consider swopping 3 Rifle Teams for 3 Bazooka Teams. Defending against massed infantry attacks….then consider swopping rifle teams for LMG or .50 cal MG teams. Nice.

If you really want to be an Auto defender this list also has the Cassino Field Fortifications option as well.

So my initial thoughts on my own 91st list is roughly like this….

2 x full sized Dismounted Cav Platoons
2 x Platoons of Stuart Cav Light Tank Platoons
1 more platoon of Infantry (Perhaps Kiwis)
Artillery a maxed out platoon of Priests.
Add an AOP as well.

Not sure how many points that comes to but one thing I will add about this is the option to have Priests as support is very cool. Not something usually seen outside of US Mech or Tank lists. The ability for them to still be able to fire a Bombardment if they are pinned and Mobility makes them another flexible unit.


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  1. I am a big fan of US arty support for British units.

    I am really looking forward to getting some. Like kiwi says, it is a great way to expand your force into a new area.

    I have been looking at options for a Ghurka or NZ rifle company.

    I love the stuarts, but the turretless versions are better value in my option. Sure the 37mm with stabalisers are great and can threaten side armour of tanks like Panzer IVs and even Panthers, but to me the 50cal, wide tracks and being much cheaper is more useful/better value. Interestingly it is the only way Brits can get non-recce Jalopies.