Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Soviet Companys in Flames of War (Late War)...How many?

I realised the other night that my Soviet tanks and infantry collection can be used in a huge variety of lists. So I thought it may be helpful for me to compile a list of the options. The list is just Late War because at my club that is the most popular time period played without a doubt.
Late War currently has 5 books with lists and also 4 free web PDF briefings. For the most part though my Russian Infantry has only been Udarny and I have found the list to be lots of fun and very competitive on the table. If you are considering taking up Soviets the list below might give you an idea of the massive variety in army options. If you are new to Flames of War you will notice that the common theme in the lists is that they are all Trained and either Fearless or Confident. This is the rating for the HQ and Combat Platoons. Often the support can differ from that. Some of the lists also have special rules that make the Soviet force become the attacker in defensive missions that would other wise be decided by a dice roll. This can help you a lot as you know with certainty what role you will take against some force types in Defensive Battle missions.


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