Saturday, May 14, 2011

HS129B3 ground attack and formation flying.

I completed these ground attack flying tanks recently. I just copied the box really. But I did add a bit of dust and dirt as when I did web image searching I noticed many historic photos showed a considerable amount of dirt on them. I got some of the new flying bases as well via special order but I have only blu-tacked the models on for the pics. I plan to put a rare earth magnet on them.

Here in Darwin we had the Arafura Games and at the opening ceremony the RAAF Roulettes did some amazing formation flying and tricks. I didn't go to the Ceremony but the stadium is walking distance from my house and the planes flew right over our house...AWESOME! Last time I saw them do this was from the Hotel after a hard days gaming at CANCON (Canberra) 2010. I didn't have a camera handy then but I did get some this time.

My street with planes doing the thang they do.

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