Saturday, May 7, 2011

Had a chat with a Battlefront fella recently.

I had a chance to pop in and see AusCon in Brisbane Australia on Saturday 30 April. I would rather have been playing in the FOW tourneys at the event but I did not plan to go to Brisbane at all but a Family emergency found me there. In fact I was planning to be in a Tourney back at home in Darwin but that was not to be.
At AusCON I was told that Kyran from Battlefront was there so I tracked him down and had a chit chat about all things FOW and Battlefront. I was happy to find that he knows my Local Friendly Gaming Store and he knew all about our Tourneys at our local club The Darwin Table Top Gamers that really Pete goe sto great lengths to organise. (Cheers ya work mate!).
First thing I hit him up about was the dirt on Cassino. An area that has always been of extreme interest to me and basically got me hooked on Flames of War gaming. New figures for Goums (very cool) and also Kyran said that Evan (Battlefront sculptor) enjoyed making new figures for an Infantry Aces release. Infantry Aces promises to be a groovy little sidetrack for gamers with a Level Up or Skill Ladder climbing aspect. Infantry that can gain special warrior rules and use and capture the other players weapons. Sounds like a lot of fun.
I asked Kyran about the French Building Set sort of promised a long while back. BF basically sent of some masters for a manufacturer to recreate and the samples sent back where not up to the high quality that we as gamers expect from BF now. One of the big dramas has actually been the resin recipe. But Kyran thinks that is just about sorted. In fact he showed me a very cool piece of dirt road (not resin but a flexible type of product). Turns out that the lead bloke in Malaysia (he makes the Painting U-Tube clips) as been working really hard on mixtures for our cool wargaming products.
We chatted also about FoW Viet-Nam and he said that the future will certainly see rules for Australian and Kiwi forces....lots of folks obviously on this side of the world are real keen to see these.
Overall though he confirmed what I suspected the BF team are super keen enthusiastic gamers like me and most likely you reading this.
Anyway it was bad time for me personally and it was great that to have some time among fellow gamers and actually see some familiar faces I recalled from CANCON 2010. A great bunch of guys where playing FoW games and I met Big Gav who's postings of terrain has been of big interest to me and also been great inspiration. Anyway I could write more about my visit to AusCON and likely will but cheers for now as my dinner has just been served up.

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