Friday, April 15, 2011

No Panthers? Just Medium German Tanks?

I recently finished a stack of StuG and Panzer tanks. I always wanted to try a Late War German Panzer list with a stack of medium tanks. Finally it was a fully painted reality. I made this list from Fortress Europe.
2 x StuG
Combat 1
5 x StuG
Combat 2
5 x Panzer IV
Full FJ Platoon with Faust
2 x Mobelwagens
2 x Pumas
Nebelwerfer Rocket arty Platoon
Here is what it looked like. You might need to click on it to see all of it.

Anyway I had 4 games with it against 2 players. We all had the same lists each time. One list was an incredible 2 Platoon IS-2 Soviet list. The other was a list from the D-Day allied book, a Churchill brit list.
I was facing 2 lists with higher frontal armour than me. Cool! Anyway I had a win against each opponent but also a loss against each opponent. Great games. I learned lots. As I had planned in the 2 games that I won the FJ secured the game by assaulting tanks. In the game that I lost against the IS-2 list I got absolutely smashed early in the game by Soviet Air Support. Both lists had Air Support and one had an AOP. However I did go on to shoot down lots of air planes in games after that first one and even snagged the AOP once. So possible evolution of this list could be including a platoon of Hornise Tank Hunters for some heavy direct fire punch while still maintaining nothing higher than Front Armour 7. At the end of 3 games though I said I should get a new T-shirt made up with .....


  1. I just took a German tank company with all medium tanks to a tournament and won! The All medium German list is a powerful force in late war.

  2. Congrats indie on ya win and a great link. Cheers and thanks.