Thursday, January 27, 2011

Early War 8 Rads and Dom's Decals.

A while back a fellow gamer at my club had some amazing German Desert AFVs with really detailed decals. He got them from Dom's Decals and recommended that I get some. Some time later (like a lot longer) I got some for my Early War panzer's (at the time Battlefront had not released any Early War German Decals). I was really happy with the decals and highly recommend them.

My photography is average so you will have to take my word for it that the small number plate stickers have actual numbers on them and not just blurry pixels.


  1. These look great. Really like the weathering - how was that done? Pigments?

  2. Thanks Shaun. No pigments used. My weathering process is....
    Vallejo English Uniform Brown. Painted and Drybrushed.
    Paint on Vallejo Brown Shade here and there (leave to dry).
    Then dry brush with Vallejo Khaki.
    Matt varnish to get rid of any shine.