Friday, February 1, 2019

ARCHERS! Cavalry!

The Painting Challenge deadline is great for getting items over the line to completion. At some point it's time to stop painting. Miniatures can be overworked until the point of being really unhappy with the result. Sometimes it's best just to be satisfied that it's as good as it might be today and not tomorrow or next week. These are wargames miniatures after all and fill the function within a unit rather than individual display pieces.

That rambling aside below I have for you is 2 FireForge Plastic Mongols on horses. Each are on 50mm square bases.
6 Dark Age Archers with 5 from the Gripping Beast plastic box and 1 from Conquest Games.
4 Arab Archers from Gripping Beast.
1 x Norman Cavalry casualty from Conquest games.

Group Photo.

Morning light was a bit overcast. A monsoon over Darwin means cooler days which is nice. But the shadows on these hides a bit of the colour.

Looking at these Arab Archers below I will consider trying to get the next batch a tad brighter.

One Horse below got a small mound built up to give it a different look than its neighbors. I realise now in the Photos that may not have painted the teeth of the Black horse.

 You have reached a Dead End :) .

Been a long time since I freehand painted a Shield.
Cheers from Brendon during a nice Top End Monsoon.