Monday, December 4, 2017

Magus Conclave in progress

I enjoyed making one of these so much that I made another. These are two Magus Conclaves. They are a War Engine option for a Varangur army in the Kings of War fantasy mass battle system.
A trio of Evil Shaman channeling some demonic power to blast enemies from a distance.

 Theses are all ready to go for the Painting Challenge and I am looking forward to splashing paint on them. The bodies and most of the arms are Gripping Beast Arab infantry. Heads are from Games Workshop Chaos Warriors as are the Staff toppers. Some staffs are Spears with two diagonal cuts to transform them into wizardly staffs. I also nicked the old spears. Nothing complex about these creations but I really like them. 
So much much..
Cheers from Brendon

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