Friday, November 4, 2016

Ogre Oldhammer Flashback

Came across these old Games Workshop Ogres in the depths of my Mancave. Painted a long time back they have some interesting skin tones that if I painted them now they would look very different.
These would have been painted with Games Workshop paints which I don't use now.
These ugly dudes have a lot of character even today and they are all metal.

The basing was natural sand unpainted with a few tiny areas of flock grass. From memory I made a standard for this unit which had it's on pile of rocks to make it free standing and was placed on the grey flat rocks of the front row middle Ogre. That Ogre I am sure is a Blood Bowl character who I added the two severed heads. I added the bell on the chain as well which would have been for the inclusion of a unit Musician.

I am not sure but Oldhammer experts may be able to confirm this or not.....the Ogre with the shaggy hair and goat horns may have been an Ogre Shaman.
With the inclusion of the Purple colour that I seemed to have used a lot back in my Warhammer Chaos days these may have been for inclusion of my Chaos fantasy army. The unit tray was a homemade cut and paste job. Hmmmmm. I could actually re-base these for Kings of War and only use four of them to represent the same size unit of six.

I am currently very slowly cleaning out my Mancave to make way for human occupation again. It will become a bedroom as it was a long while back when someone returns to the nest. I will have a work station located elsewhere so it shouldn't cease productivity. Well.......hopefully not too much.

Cheers from Brendon


  1. Nice figures the "old" paint job looks fine....they just need to fight 😀

  2. Very nice indeed. By way of confirmation the chap with the shaggy hair and horns is a Jes Goodwin sculpt - Warrior Priest from the C23 set.

  3. Thanks Matt. Thanks Michael. I had a curious look at Ebay listings for these dudes and CRIKEY! Some of the prices!

  4. I have not seen some of these guys for years well done.

  5. Fearsome ugly brutes, well painted though!