Friday, March 18, 2016

HUGE Mantic Dragon for Kings of War

This Dragon is massive. It's the biggest one I have ever owned and painted. It was easy to settle on choosing Red as I have a collection I call The Red and the Black and I figure why not stick with that.
I received this as a part of a Dungeon Saga Kickstarter add on purchase and I am glad I did.

Looking at the stat line, point cost and rules that Dragons have in Kings of War I would say the look of this beast is well suited. It is a much chunkier Dragon than some of the more elegant looking ones I recall from other manufacturers. The base is 75mm square and he came attached to that already. If it wasn't for that I may have made a different colour choice for the belly scales. Brush access was an issue with him on the base. I could have made some time to remove him from the base perhaps but I didn't.
These images don't quite capture the colour or highlights as they appear in real life. I spent some time on the head and especially the horns. Even though I applied anti shine, some reflections appear in the images. I think I will apply a gloss varnish to the eyes and maybe even the horns.

I was thinking of naming the big red beast as Karangor. Not sure how my better half Karen feels about that?
Cheers from Brendon


  1. Wonderful worn on this huge piece!

  2. He is absolutely splendid! It had to be red and just looks amazing, brilliant job Brendon.

  3. Thanks for the comments folks. cheers