Monday, February 22, 2016

Snake monster for Kings of War and a Mongol Shaman

A snake inspired monster on a 50mm base with rocks from the garden. Also a Mongol Shaman.
The Shaman is basically a FireForge Mongol infantry plastic with a few bits and pieces from the mountain of sprue. The Shaman was inspired by a certain character in the Conqueror series by Conn Iggulden. Also because Kings of War being a fantasy setting of course has plenty of Wizard options.

The monster is from the game Malifaux by Wyrd miniatures. It's plastic and it didn't really build together that smoothly. It appears to have no eyes sculpted on but that's fine with me. The tongue was actually longer but impractically fine so it snapped off and I left it that way.
The colours are inspired from seeing Frilled Neck Lizards in the park across the road from home. I Gloss varnished the belly.
There are a lot of 'Monster' options in various Kings of War armies so this should be suitable for a few of those. One of the great concepts of Kings of War is keeping some descriptions vague so no.... 'you must use this company's copyrighted licenced official monster only.'

Photography was rushed to get it ready for submission to the Analogue Hobbies Paint Challenge so a bit fuzzy and a few shadows but you get the general impression of how it looks.
Cheers from Brendon


  1. That is a seriously mean looking beastie, fabulous work Brendon.

  2. They're both fabulous but that snake monster is a cracker; the scales looks incredibly real. I'd certainly not like to see it bearing down across the board at me.