Friday, December 12, 2014

Romans x 4

These are my first submission for Curts world famous Painting Challenge.
Warlord 28mm Plastics. 3 Auxiliary blokes and 1 Veteran Legionnaire.  After a long absence from the brush it was a good intro back to it. These are the first Auxiliaries for my collection and I found it odd that even though it's the same manufacturer they are bigger dudes than the Legionnaires. No big deal really. Just an observation. Another aspect of the Oval shield figures is the consistent attacking poses. I like it and they look dynamic but it may cause ranking up issues in a large unit block. I will be creative when it comes to basing the rest of them to get them to jigsaw together in some way.

I used Army Painter Strong Shade in a can but applied it with a brush and some thinners to get control of it. After it dried I also went back and painted some highlight areas. Mainly the red and any skin. I also used Army Painter Matt spray for the first time and I may have used a little too much as it worked really well and went over some armour again to regain a little of the lost metallic look.

Currently I am reading the latest Macro and Cato adventure 'Brothers in Blood'. Very enjoyable and just makes me want to paint more of these soldiers.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Very nice. The red shields look great

  2. These look great and a good start to the Challenge


  3. They are splendid, excellent work!

  4. Excellent work Brendon. The metal has a nice burnished look to it.

  5. Thanks everyone. The burnish is an effect of the strong tone wash. It works well for these figures.

  6. Lovely work. How did the minis go together: does there look to be a good variety built in or are you going to end up with some very similar looking auxiliaries?