Monday, August 11, 2014

Warmachine Khador Berserker

I started this big metal Warjack kit a while back and managed to get him completed over the weekend. I tore a muscle running up a slope with the dogs so had no choice but to spend more time off my my feet. It's on the mend now but it's a reminder of the dangers of exercising. I can tell you tell it really hurts so I don't recommend trying it.

The background for this fella goes on about how this design is a very old one and very unstable. In game terms if you assign him any focus tokens and he uses them there is a chance he can explode. Might be a good idea if I keep him away from my Warcaster I think. Unlike previous Warjacks I painted I introduced some rust here and there but didn't go overboard. Perhaps I should add more.

It's been a long time since I played Warmachine now. Recently we have been playing Dystopian Wars V2. Being so new there is lots for us to learn about the game and the units. 

Cheers for now from Brendon


  1. Nice work, he has a great tarnished, weathered look to him. You still get the metallic effect, but not all shiny and new looking. As for exercise. Neil Armstrong said everyone gets a set number of heartbeats in their life and he didn't intend to waste any of his exercising. That attitude got him to the moon, so it will do for me! Cheers, Paul :-)

    1. Thanks Paul. Great advice from the great man Neil as well.

  2. He's a big mean looking beastie. Great job on those weathered metals!

  3. He is an awesome bit of kit and certainly looks as if he has seen a few battles in his time.