Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Late War Flames of War Italy game 1250 points

Another game report for the WWPD Italian Campaign and this time I use 1250 points of New Zealand Armour.
Not the later Late War options when they have access to Fireflys, Wasps and other green painted goodies but from a time before that when vehicles mostly had a base of a Light Mud colour and black camo pattern.

I faced Lochy with German Infantry (2 Platoons) backed up with 2 recon 8 Rads, 2 Tigers, a Pak 40 Platoon and a Nebelwerfer platoon.
HQ 4 x Shermans
2 x Combat Platoons with 3 Shermans in each.
Two Scout Patrols (3 Universal Carriers in each)
A Stuart Jalopy recon platoon (x 3 Jalopys)
6 platoons each.

Mission: Free for All
With only 1250 points and first turn I decided to bravely attack the Germans.
It was really two Kiwi forces at the extreme table ends. One mob heading to the PaK platoon in a wheat field near an Objective while the other headed through some woods to threaten the other objective. Doing this really gave the German side plenty to do in defending and that's what they did.
The 8 Rads played a game of delay the Shermans and it took a few turns for me to finally be rid of them. If they had broken through they could have threatened one of my Objectives. I left nothing back on my starting line. After they had been dealt with the Kiwi force managed to break through the woods and destroy the Nebelwerfer Platoon. A sherman platoon bravely assaulted some dug in infantry but soon had to abandon their tanks.
On the other side the Kiwi force used some wood features to get shots on the Pak 40 Platoon and from here a Sherman Platoon was eventually destroyed by Long Range shooting from the two tigers and the Pak 40s. Eventually though when all that remained on that side was the Sherman 1iC and the Jalopy Platoon the Pak platoon was eliminated through shooting and assaults. This left the Jalopys to assault any German Infantry teams they could reach to hold the Objective. However the Infantry was fed back into 4inch proximity and stalled the Objective from being taken for another turn or two.
Back near the old position of the Nebelwerfers the green Carrier platoon foolishly decided to assault the German Infantry platoon dug in around the objective. A high risk and bold move but it ended predictably with the Carrier platoon destroyed and bringing me to 4 platoons destroyed so my turn.....Company break test required....FAIL!
A very, very close game. Onlookers thought the Kiwi's might have been well and truly done for prior to the destruction of the Pak 40 platoon but once that was gone it could have gone the Kiwi's way. Especially if I played it a bit more cautiously and cunning but we typically play like gentlemen gamers so we both had a very enjoyable and exciting game. The type of game that you go man that was awesome.......I want to play another game.
Table and deployment after Recon Moves.

8 Rads have look at the noises coming from the woods area behind the big Church.

Moving around the towards the wheat field.

It's a trap!
Assault on the Pak Platoon in the wheat field fortress.

Jalopys with Objective in sight and only Dug In Infantry protecting it after the Pak 40s are gone.

Left Objective zone after Nebelwerfers destroyed.
Now that we have survived this far shall we charge that infantry? Hell yeah!
Just about End Game.
After that blast we managed to get two more players involved and had a 2 vs 2 game to introduce a new player and a gamer who had not played Version 3 rules before but has a Mid War army. This actually got us all excited to go back and explore Mid War in the Deserts of North Africa again. I am going to have to dust off my Desert coloured Tanks I think.

Cheers from Brendon


  1. Great looking game, I love the details on the table like the craters on the road.

    1. Thanks Michael. It takes a while to collect enough terrain for a great table but it pays off in the end.

  2. Nice report and photos, I like the way you guys play - death or glory! We play 1250-1350pts a lot. All missions are viable but the games are quicker and there's less maxed out support platoons. Less room for error though! Cheers, Paul.

    1. Thanks Red Dog. I agree that at that point limit... win or lose can be decisive and sometimes quick!.

  3. This looks fab! Always more fun to have an aggressive style, I think...although it's something that I've not yet managed due to my overly-cautious nature!

  4. love the proper Italy camo on your brits! And "ITS A TRAP!!" awesome job gang

    1. Thanks zsavk. Cool to see someone noticed the extra effort.