Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dystopian Wars Objectives

These are really something you could get creative with and make something original yourself. Especially as Spartan Games has made the card set that is used in the game with these available on line. But if you just have to have something ready to paint then the Dystopian Wars Objective box can add a lot of unpredictable fun to your games.
I painted my set as bright, shiny pieces. Sure I could have painted them with colours more fitting to whatever I think each one might be but I figure these are gaming pieces and every player wants a golden ticket to help them dominate the opposition don't they?
A mysterious box, containers, observatory, oil pumps, comms array, earth drill, ??? Who knows?
Some Blazing Sun Scouts to give you an idea of size.

I painted them brass then gave them a brown wash then a sort of dry brush with brass then highlighted with gold. Wasn't actually as quick as it sounds.
When you capture an objective in the game the card you receive is either a bankable one for use later or an instant effect type. When our group used these in a game we got a few surprises when some objectives turned out to be booby traps which resulted in Raging Fires on board ships. DOH!

Cheers from Brendon


  1. Very nice! I love the look of the Dystopian Wars models, so much detail for their size, and beautifully made. Cheers, Paul :-)

    1. Thanks Red Dog. I agree. Dystopian Wars products are top class.

  2. The scout ships are beautifully done.