Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dystopian Blazing Sun Flotilla

It turns out Spartan games have produced even more designs and after being inspired recently to re-look at the range I came across a new Empire of the Blazing Sun Strike Flotilla. New TOYS! Pretty, way I can resist the urge! I had to get it and add them to my Fleet
After painting all of them except the HQ War Gyro (stay tuned for a future post) I looked in my box of Dystopia and discovered three Destroyers unpainted! It didn't take long to get them completed after working on Auxiliary Rocket Cruiser ships.

 Small Destroyers above, swimming short range chemical flame death below.
 These Robot Submersibles above I actually painted with a bright greeny blue before the Brass but you can't see that detail in these images. The foam is just white dots and I gloss varnished the water and robots.

Turns out these Rocket ships have an Attachment Model Assigned Rule (MARs). Not in the original rule book but after a PDF download It means they attach out to other squadrons. Sounds good to me.

When I looked at my older Blazing Sun models I realised that I actually painted the ones above much brighter. I think I actually like this brighter looker better and I will paint any future additions the same. It will slightly set them apart from the older Veterans of the Fleet perhaps.

I contacted my supplier about getting some more blisters in particular of a new Gyro I don't have but the reply was interesting. Most Blisters are no longer available with Box sets the only way to get the models I am after. I tracked them down through another supplier who still had stocks. So might be a few changes to Dystopia World in 2014. A possible 2.0 rule book.

I am still behind in re-posting my Painting Challenge submissions here so there will be more random not in any particular order posts soon.
Cheers from Brendon


  1. A stunning collection - superb look vessels.

  2. I find bright colours work better as well. Obviously it's a lot to do with personal taste, but I did a bunch of 40K orks and the last lot I did I used a much brighter green as the final highlight colour and it really made them pop out. Especially when placed next to an older darker green one.
    Nice minis man =)