Friday, January 31, 2014

Car Wars race game start up 'Machinas'

I follow Carmens Fun Painty Time blog and really enjoyed watching his collection of death race style cars grow and grow over time. I like the Post Apocalypse type setting of Mad Max II and the addition of fuel and making violent additions to vehicles. It conjures up all sorts of visions from syco gangs to lone wolf survivors and scavengers just trying to survive.
Turns out that a Card based game titled 'Machinas' is now developed and you have a few more days to consider giving it some of your money and get yourself a set of cards and rules in a kickstarter way. It has a great concept of rather than having some sort of miniature race track set up on your table instead it lays down the cars in a pack formation to indicate your relative position. Are you attempting to pass, are you in front or are you at the back and can open fire with your twin machine gun upgrades.
Image from 'Machinas' by Two Hour Wargames

Could be a bit of car smashing fuel burning fun among your regular gaming group.

Cheers from Brendon

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