Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bad guy Bonus Challenge submission

Bishop Odo, who became the Earl of Kent. 1066 style. This gangsta was one of history's Dark Ages nut jobs. Why? He wanted it all. The bling, land, mo money and mo power. Google his story and you will see for yourself.
It didn't take me long to realize that one of my planned projects would fit the wanted poster perfectly for the Anologue Painting Challenge bonus theme for a Villain. Originally I saw this guy on the Crusader website and thought now that's interesting. Further thinking (which can be dangerous) led to "I could make an Odo from a Conquest Games Norman Plastic I still have in the stash (and it would be cheaper)". So with the motivational power of a deadline he can now sneak around the back of my Norman forces shouting words of encouragement frustrating (and angering) the opposition.
Historians think this guy was the commissioner for that famous tapestry. He is shown on that riding a black horse which is a suitable color for a bad guys ride. I used one of the nutty looking partial shaved heads and if that was not from the Knights plastics then it was from the Infantry Normans also by Conquest games. The Saxon shield on his base (symbolic of the Norman Victory in Engerland) is Gripping Beast Plastic.
You better smash them or I will smash YOU!
Get SOME! God is on our side.etc etc etc and so on!

Cheers and hope your 2014 is going to be a good year.


  1. Its a great figure Brendon and you certainly made an excellent job of it!

  2. Beautiful paintjob, love the basement too!

  3. Great job, it must have been tempting to pile on the gore too!