Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Big tank fight Late War Flames of War

We had a monster Late War, Free for All, with Germans vs Soviets. Germans had a Bulge list with Fearless Trained tanks including 2 King Tigers. Soviets had 2 Companys. 2 x 1500 points with one being IS-2 (plus engineer foot sloggers) and the other 2 x Platoons of T-34/85 with 3 captured StuGs and Dedov.
Great fun and it ended with a German win. I think the luck was on the Germans side in this one (that and a wall of 5 Panthers). Despite a lot of AT 12 shots hitting the 2 Panzer IV J platoons only one of them was totally blown off the table. The other was downsized by game end but not gone.
Deployment from the other table end. The action took place on the far table end. Two Kingtigers...that's why!
They rolled Rate of Fire 3 and had an excellent view over the Wheat Fields.
Panzer Platoon at bottom of photo did not last very long but they blew up a Soviet 3 Tank StuG Platoon.

Recce Pumas went insane and drove into the middle of the Soviet T-34/85 tanks. A Panzer Platoon is destroyed by now.
The Recce incredibly rushed into a tank scrap and managed to side shot some T-34/85 tanks but as expected they paid for it by being crushed under the weight of return fire. But it helped contribute to the eventual loss of the T-34 swarms.
The crossroad in the Village became a metal scrapyard.
Above you can see the Kingtigers re-locating to the battle proper as the heavy soviet tanks move away from them. The King Tigers went on to move behind the row of houses and lost one to a brave assault by the Soviet engineer infantry. But that was the best they could do and they eventually left when a platoon of Mobelwagens started blasting them.

The Soviets had some bad luck when the attached 1iC IS-2 failed a FEARLESS platoon break test (twice) and left the game.
Jet ground attack support I don't recall wrecking anything the entire game.

Cheers for now from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Looks like a fun game. Was it very tactical or did the two sides just end up having a bit of a shootout?

  2. A bit of a shoot out in some ways yes but still some thought in deployment and using the village to hide movement, re positioning etc. Good fun.