Friday, September 27, 2013

Brink of Battle has bitten me

I have now got a possible infection from a bite received from the Brink Of Battle rules. What I mean to say is after reading about this intriguing set of rules that lays the claim that it is a set of rules for Skirmish games from ancients to modern is that it has hooked me in. I went and purchased the PDF and after some quick reading and flicking my gamers imagination has been in overdrive thinking of all the possible settings for skirmish games using these rules.
The rules gives you 3 periods. This defines certain traits figures can have access to. The rules gives you stacks of gear options for your figures to take. From swords and knifes to Sub Machine Guns, chain-mail to Kevlar. Naturally some of these are restricted by your chosen period (or your miniatures).
This is a very non restricted rule book in many ways. But that's not to say it is without any restriction as described above. By non restricted as a gamer I mean you are not bound by a rule books 'take' on history and how fighters behaved and what they fought with. It is really up to players to decide how they are going to put it all together (do some history research). Not as complex as you would think really.

I looked at one of the Figures in my collection and came up with this profile built from the Rules. You spend supply points (shown below in brackets) to fill in the stats, traits and gear.

Viking Lord (Commander)
Combat 7 (30), Command 6 (18), Constitution 6 (19)
That's the basic 3 stats for each figure.
He has the Commander Trait for Free and has the option to have 2 more and it's a big figure so why not give him 'Strong Arm' (5) and 'Burly' (15).
Now to equip him.
He has what could be a Dane Axe so his weapon can be a  Dane Axe ('Great Cleaver' 15).
Chain mail so that can be 'Medium Armour' (20)
It looks like he has a sword as well so might as well add a 'Sword' (5)

All up he gets to 127 Supply Points in total.

Looking at the options I can see a 'Berserker' trait which will definitely suit some figures in my collection.
We shall see how this evolves.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Interesting what are the gane mechanics like ugoigo? Etc

  2. Turn based but it has the players both rolling dice and also a Break Action function. Players can interrupt play when it is not their turn with a Break Action. eg. a figure moves from cover so player B interrupts by taking a pot shot with an arrow.

  3. Thanks for your business and glad to see you caught the 'vision' of the rules! Have you joined our Facebook group yet? Send me a friend invite to Bob Faust and I'll add you in. Noch Weiter!


  4. Who makes this miniatures? You did a great job painting them.

    1. Thanks Josh. The big guy is from Foundry and the others are Plastics from Gripping Beast.