Thursday, April 18, 2013

painted Super Dungeon Explore spawn points

A while back, actually a long while back one of my fellow gamers acquired 'Super Dungeon Explore' and he was opening up the box at the club. Me: "Crikey that's a lot of plastic. You want me to paint something for you?" Him: "Sure can. Have these to do."
Above is the result. I asked him if he had any specific colours etc and all he said was do a glow inside the cracks of the rocks. Hmmmm. Not something I have really explored before so an artistic challenge for me. After an experiment or two I settled on painting the cracks yellow then washing them with a very old GW Red Glaze or wash I have in my old collection of hardly ever used stuff. Simple really. Rocks are painted German Panzer Gray, London Grey, then edges around the glow with Stone Grey (all Vallejo colours).
Skulls painted with a desert colour (Buff) then highlighted/dry brushed with white. I used Strong Tone army painter acrylic wash over that but found that the white really faded away afterwards. I dry brushed white again after the wash dried over night. It's been a long time since I properly dry brushed and the dusty style it left seems to suit these skulls. I could have left them without that though as they looked a lot smoother without that and that is probably OK for the cartoon style of the game and miniatures but I like more contrast. The near completed large 28mm Viking from Foundry is just for scale comparison. Another point of interest is the plastic material used. A very hard shiny red plastic that actually requires more effort than usual to remove any flash I found.  The plan in the near future is to get a game in of this 1980s video game inspired board game.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)

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