Friday, February 1, 2013

In progress

I should have been focused enough to get my Normans for Saga completed by now but that has not been the case. Perhaps because I have not placed a self imposed deadline for them or I am no rush to get them done. Recently it was actually more a case of...'I feel like building instead of painting', that has slowed progress on them. I acquired a box of 20 Roman Praetorian Infantry (Early Imperial, Warlord Games, 28mm) a while back and decided to start putting them together. I also wanted to try out an idea for basing them in a non traditional each figure gets a 20mm base uniform way. I actually wanted to spread them out so I had a few spare figures to help contribute to a different unit. A big unit of 40 Legionnaires. After cutting, trimming back flash, gluing onto plastic Renedra bases and adding sand mix this is the result. The Renedra 20mm base sprue has a good variety of sizes, mostly 20mm squares but a few larger ones that make it a breeze to mix it up.
As you can see the 2nd row has 4 figures (Top photo). Middle back base (20 x 40) only 1 figure. The weapon pose of that figure makes it tricky to place in a unit in the traditional way unless he is at the back row. The odd thing about the standard bearer is that once the arms are glued on it looks as though the standard is on tilted towards the front. I placed some rocks under the figures front foot so he is on an angle to help get the standard a little more straight up and down. In most standard 28mm wargames 1 human figure = 1 x 20mm base they may be only 16 figures but they take up the same foot print as 20 figures.
The green movement tray is from Renedra and a great price by the looks on their website. I discovered this product from inside a unit of plastic Dwarf Beserkers by Avatars of War. I will get some more for my Roman army. The modular approach to basing has also meant that I can reconfigure them into a 2 figure deep style unit that some wargames might use.
For the first time in a long time my Romans are not being purchased from unit selections from a rulebook like we usually do with our collections. I am just going on gamers instinct really. History and rules be damned. I am building them because I like the classic Roman toy soldiers. My only 1 guide has been 'Kings of War' fantasy Humans. Units of 10, 20 or 40....easy peasy. I don't even know another gamer at my club who has a 28mm historical Ancients army and nor do I care if I am the only one who is building one.

I have made some progress on my Saga plastic Normans and was pleased with how the padded armour is looking so far.
A light brown base , then khaki on the diamonds, then German Camo Biege (Vallejo Colour) for highlights. I will use a darker brown in some places like under the arms to help give them a little more contrast but they are basically done (the armour that is).
Above is the rest of them including some infantry (2 with Dane Axe will make for Joms Vikings or Anglo-Danes with big axes). It is surprising how different it is painting dark ages figures compared to Romans. Romans...I don't have to choose colours much as they are two need look the same.
So many choices.

By the way if you like making funky Saga Warlord bases then check this competition out at The Tapestry blog. It's a great blog for Saga players.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. good progress, love the padded armour
    Peace James

  2. Romans!! I wonder if one can ever have enough of them? :-)

  3. Nice work on the padded armor there indeed! nice going!