Wednesday, October 10, 2012

4Ground Buildings and magazines and Dwarves

A few weeks ago I ordered some pre-painted 4Ground buildings for Saga (28mm). You need some buildings for one of the Scenarios. I was thinking about getting some but was finally convinced when I saw some reviewed over at The Tapestry. So I get a message that the package from 4ground turned up at home (thanks postie) and the same day I get a message that from my local supplier of Wargames gear (Comics NT) that two issues of Wargames Illustrated have turned up. Now I don't know why but these always seem to turn up in an erratic fashion long after gamers in the UK get them. It is a long way from here to England but it is still odd how they turn up random like this.
The building packs are substantial bags and I am yet to build them but one of the Magazines features an interview with the fellas who make them so it was great timing.
On my gamers table I have been busy for the last 3 weeks getting my head around my 'Kings of War' kickstarter box that has 1,000 points of 28mm Fantasy Dwarves. It took me a few days to come up with a theme. Beer, Coal and Blood. This was inspired by looking at Renedra Barrels (for base detail) and on some of the Dwarf sprues you get Dwarven Tankards. I settled on Red and Dark Panzer Grey as the main colours for the Dwarves so Red = Blood of the ancestors, Black = Coal that powers the Dwarven beer industry. Of course they make plenty of gold from Beer exports and when they lose a battle they can blame it on the Beer. I mentioned at home that I was going to consider a base cover that did not require painting to help speed things along and my amazing other half brings home some sort of mixed slightly glittery material from a cheap bargain shop. I also ordered some bases from Warbases.UK as the game has a great army build feature which means that you build with 5 figures, 10 figures, 20 or 40 (a Horde). As these have an easy to identify footprint in my opinion I don't need to put 10 figures on a base made for 10....besides the figures did not seem to rank up real well. I don't think Mantic would mind as they promote themselves as affordable armys for wargamers so doing this will means I can stretch out the Dwarves for more than 1,000 points.
Here is the first results of 'The Drinkemall Clan' going to war.
This Unit is 20 for a Rangers unit. A unit armed with short range crossbows and two handed weapons.

 Rear showing a Renedra Barrel as a handy Base filler.
 Iron Watch unit of 10. Armed with Black powder Rifles upgrade.
You may have noticed that the Tankard on the Banner pole is not painted as I came up with that idea later.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. I love the 4Ground buildings. I've bought and built quite a few (and there are more on my shopping list) and I think they are excellent.

  2. Nice Dwarfs mate! I love the KoW system, Im thinking of making my Ogres all gorey with cauldrons of blood on the bases. I might get the bases from where yours getting them.
    See you soon Kiwi