Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sturmvogel German air support

Because I wanted to avoid the hassle that I found the Battlefront Thunderbolt model I did a little searching through ebay and came across this model. Good old fashioned plastic kit set. The type I used to have a crack at when I was much, much younger. So far Flames of War players who play German company's can include this as a ground attack option from the Devils Charge book.

 I purchased this from Models 4 Toys for a very good price. It was a fun project to create this model and it even comes with a clear plastic canopy but no pilot. It did require some flash trimming but hey it's cheap so what do you expect? I mangled a plastic 15mm figure until it looked suitably pilot like and glued him in and painted him dark grey so it is just an impression of a pilot which I think is all it needs to be. I could have spent more time filling cracks on this model as you can probably see in the underside but it is only Sporadic Air Support. The model is really designed to be finished in a wheels down state so I had to get creative with cutting some plastic to create the nose wheel flaps.
Unlike the Battlefront Sturmvogel ME 262 A2a this one does not come with bombs for the underside but when it is on the table it is a detail that is not really of concern. Probably a toy that won't leave my mancave storage all that often as it does not appear as an option for many lists at the moment but it is another game option.

Anyway may all your AA dice help you.
Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Looks fine to me, nicely weathered. If you hadnt mentioned about the pilot I would have never known.

  2. Thanks Scott. I took it for a test ride in 2 games. Even though it is Sporadic I faced bunched up Soviet Tanks and it did OK.