Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Free Flames of War Platoon! UPDATE

As promised in a previous post (here) I went picking through the box of stuff I scored recently and managed to put together this German Halftrack mounted platoon below.So if you want it, post a comment saying so.

The figures and model armoured transports will take a bit of Magic Green soaking but should strip back fine. They don't appear to have too many layers of paint really. Turns out the box has a few Large bases in it as well so I will throw in some of those so you can use them to make funky objectives perhaps.

On the subject of bonus cool free stuff a gamer friend recently put me on to this kickstarter project by Mantic. At the time of posting this it only has a few days to go. A long time ago I first started wargaming with Warhammer fantasy but the game eventually got a bit silly with the figure prices. Mantic who is run by an ex Games Workshop fella has a simple rules set for large fantasy battles. They also have a growing range of miniatures that are realistically priced. This can only be a good thing in this strange economic times. What I found interesting is that if you pledge enough money to them they will sculpt a figure in your likeness. However if you pledge a lower amount you can get a really good bunch of toys and the new Kings of War rulebook.  

Lochy also gave me a link to this page that has rules for using historical forces using the Kings of War rules here. It's an interesting idea. I really like the concept that models do not get removed from the table. It opens up a lot of cool modelling possibilities on the large unit base size. Very cool indeed.

Cheers for now and good luck from Brendon (The Kiwi).

So far 3 in the draw which will be closed late on Sunday (my time zone that is). To find the winner, winner, chicken dinner, as I am a gamer of course it will naturally involve some dice rolling. :)


  1. Well, I've just very recently started my German FoW army and they would make a lovely addition!

    Great blog by the way dude. I've only just become a follower but I like the stuff you've been putting out (Dystopian wars being another I would like to start one day).

  2. It would be rude to turn your nose up at a freebie, eveni if I'm currently playing Saga. I could strip and paint them as a step-by-step guide if I was fortunate enough to obtain them. I've an SS company that needs starting and these chaps could be just the ticket to get it started :)

  3. very cool, im ok on the freebie but ill check back in and see how your doing soon

  4. I must say I have to throw my hat into the ring for the freebie :)

    They would go a long way to making my armour only force a bit more fun to play.