Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dystopian Easter

A while back I got a hold of a Blazing Sun Navy starter set. Over Easter I managed to get it painted. I was surprised at how quick it all came together. I started these to celebrate getting 6 points of Saga Vikings completed. I had no idea really how I wanted it all to turn out so armed with only a vague idea of Green flyers and Greyish blueish ships. I grabbed a Vallejo Luftwaffe Uniform paint that I didn't have in my collection and used that for the base colour of the ships after a spray of black. I wet drybrushed London Grey on top. Khaki for decking and Brown Shade wash.
What helped I think was I purposely did not explore the net and build a mental knowledge of how others had approached Dystopian toys. I just made decisions quickly and got on with it. They turned out a bit like the painted ones on the cover of the box they came in but that was not my intention. I may go and gloss varnish the windows to give them yet another element of interest.
I don't like the idea of these ships moving around a chipboard wood surface so I went and had a look at what could be used at Spotlight store. The place where ya Nana shops for material to make a new outfit. I came across a PVC material that was not super shiny and had a bit of texture as you can see the images below. The photography of these actually came out as not a very good reflection of how they look in real life. A combination of the really small scale and maybe the colours and my average miniature photography skills. It's proving to be a popular game at my local club here in Darwin. It is very collectable with each faction having a big variety in army choice options. Dang! Perfect for gamer A.D.D.

 Adding the brass colour for me is what really seems to send them to the madness of this Steampunk alternate universe. Looks like I will have to exapnd this force and get a Dreadnought.

Cheers for now from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. Really nice looking army mate. :) I haven't got into Dystopian wars yet but if its as much fun as Firestorm armada is I don't think ill be holding off for too long.

    1. Thanks Colour Kiwi. I ordered some reinforcements so when they are painted I will post them when I can.