Thursday, March 29, 2012

Soviet versus Soviet Late War game

A few weeks back I managed two quick Flames of War games in an afternoon. My opponent had never played at my local club before (Darwin Tabletop Gamers) so it is always great to have a new face in the club. As an intro back into FoW gaming and also Version 3 we decided on a Red vs Red training mission with Free for All then Encounter. 1750 points each and we managed a win each. It was the first time I took captured decoy tanks (Panthers) and I wasn't that thrilled about them really. The Rate of Fire 1 made them very slow to have any impact in our Tank vs Tank fest. Oh yeah I should mention that we played pure tank armys....not an infantry team to be seen. It is always great to see other players armys. It was cool to see how another gamer has approached painting Soviet tanks. I have been thinking about adding a hard edge camo pattern as a possible round to it job for my own Soviet tanks. Perhaps one day. I liked how my opponents tanks had a lighter green than the ones in my collection. Very nicely done and a great guy to play against. Lots of fun.

Table view. 1st game then we pushed some of the terrain into the middle of the table for game 2.

Tanks roll!

Dominate the high ground.

Swirling tank action with side shots mixed in (and a giant hand of doom).

Captured Panthers hopelessly defend an Objective. They got swamped and my other tanks didn't have the legs (shouldn't that be tracks) to get there in time to help them out before they went BOOM!

T-34 attack! I liked how this looked during the game.

Cheers from Brendon (The Kiwi)

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