Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Saga first 4 points built.

I have slowly been getting back in the modeling saddle after being away from the paint and build table in my modest but messy man cave and have managed to put together some Vikings from the Gripping Beast Plastics. Enough for a 4 points starter warband. Not all the figures are 100% Gripping Beast though. I have a box of plastic Celtics from Warlord games and combined parts from the Vikings to make 4 Berserkers.

Above is 8 x Warriors (Spears), 2 x Hearthguard units of 4 (one with axes and one with swords), 4 x Berserkers and 1 Warlord with 2 command style figures (Horn blower and a Spear bloke who will have a small banner). The Warlord is a metal Foundry viking who is really huge. A Man-Mountain ready to have poets sing songs about his exploits in the great Saga's of his time. This group will be on the same larger base. I was undecided on basing but have settled on getting some round Renadra bases.

The bases won't allow them to Shield Wall this close of course but it looks kinda cool with Axes ready to hook and pull shields down to let the stabbers to do some nasty work (it would look even better painted!).

Change of Topic here...
Played my first Flames of War game last Sunday (5/2/2012) and we tried out the new V3 rules and it was really good. We both had Air Support. The rules have changed a lot for them and for the better in my opinion. Because of the change though only 1 aircraft model is required. The rules seem to be explained in a far more digestible and less fuzzy way. Should hopefully see a few less interpretation issues arising.
One area I never liked all that much was when teams enter buildings etc. New rules cover this area so much better. Lots of slightly altered rules and looks like 'Forced to Disengage' is gone for Recce and improved saves for many options like recce jeeps and warriors jeeps (3+) awesome. Less liability for transports so it may see more trucks on the table than previously. Lots of list revision in the future me thinks.
Anyway cheers for now
The Kiwi