Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bunker down.

I purchased a box of Battlefront MG bunkers a while back and got around to painting them last week. I also acquired 2 Panther Turret fortification blisters a while later. I decided to get these completed as I was getting a little stale at painting more Olive Drab for my American Flames of War collection. Painting the bunkers was an interesting break from some US Shermans I started. I sprayed the bunkers a base of Black, Concrete was then painted with London Grey and some other more natural Stone Grey colour was added for highlighting. I mixed or also randomly applied Khaki as well. Panzer Grey and London Gray (Vallejo colours are definitely on the blue side of colour in the light that I see them in. Having seen lots of good real examples on the web of German bunkers painted as fake houses or with murals of trees or just a 3 tone camo pattern it was tempting to go all out on them but in the end I went for just adding some green shapes. However I faded the green out by washing with watered down grey and a little dry brush over it as well. Keeping it simple overall so they still retain that fairly fresh poured concrete look that I associate these hard points with. Shown here below with the addition of my 2cm Flak nests I made a while back. Now they don't look so lonely. The second pic hopefully gives you a sense of size of the MG Bunkers compared to an Infantry stand. The Panther Turrets are yet to have the little air pipe added (that's what the small black spot is at the rear).

 Cheers from The Kiwi (Brendon)


  1. Very nice, I was looking at getting a set of these myself for my Festungskompanie

  2. Thanks Scott. The HMG nests (Logs and dirt ones) come with a small hole for gluing in some HMGs. It comes with the early German MG and the later one and also Vickers HMG. I didn't bother sticking any in at this stage.