Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Aussie dollar and web shopping for FOW stuff.

The Aussie Dollar hit $1.03 US this week and it just makes it so much more worth while in buying stuff from the US (and elsewhere for that matter) for Flames of War gaming here in Oztralia. So I went and had a quick browse around the JR Miniatures shop site yesterday and low and behold...a price increase announcement. As of April they are going to start increasing prices. So ordering before the end of this week may be even more worth while. While the buildings may not be as finely detailed as other makers they do make a good range of 15mm buildings that take up some good table top real estate. Big and chunky and will hold up to gamer abuse.
It's time like these that I should go and have a browse around many other sites like Musket Miniatures who I got a few Eastern Front buildings from  last year to see if they anything new or interesting.
Some weeks ago I ordered a desert mat from Hotz Mats it's yet to arrive but at last I will have a table cover for my desert terrain to sit on. It's something that has been missing from my gaming collection for a while now so was long overdue and with Early War North Africa due later this year it will mean even more chances of games in that setting. I recently took advantage of the big discount that Maelstrom offered with the 'we won't be selling FOW stuff anymore' sale. I got some Hungarian Dice....(don't really need them but they look cool), some soviet Mortar blisters, and a Brit Armoured Command Truck with intention of painting it in the Early Italian campaign camo (Light Grey and Black) and just putting it on a large base as an Objective marker.
One thing I don't get when ordering stuff from the UK versus the US is the difference in delivery time and cost. Many UK sellers charge nothing for postage while the US charge lots. Items from the US take a lot longer to arrive here than parcels from the UK. There is nothing that can be done about it but it is just an interesting point of difference.
Enough yibber yabber from me so Cheers for now.
The Kiwi

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