Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2 more cavalry trays

To celebrate getting very near to finishing a project I created 2 more cavalry unit trays for my Kings of War mounted regiments. No idea why I don't do this after the actual completion of the project but sometimes it best to have a small break I think so things don't get over thought. Stepping away from the project for a day or more may give me fresh eyes to see what I missed in the final stages.

Anyway these are made from a Renedra green plastic pack. It requires some slicing and gluing to make these size trays for 125 x 100 (a little bigger with the lip).

 Traditionally at this size the units would have had 10 Knights but I am not always traditional. Kings of War has no such 'must have' 10 figures per Regiment rule although, the unit size represents that. I like to think of a units foot print as it's area of immediate violent influence. So perhaps less miniatures per unit means they are better at what they do maybe (dice usually disagrees).  Using some base area as blank fill means that I can stretch my collection (and money and time) further.

My aim is to complete some more Norman cavalry in the near future. My goal is to have enough for 6 Regiments. I think I currently have enough for 3 so halfway there.

Cheers from the Brendonius


  1. They really finish the project nicely, great job Brendon.

  2. Nice work there Brendon. I like your thinking.

  3. Thanks for the positive comments Michael, Loki and Rodger. Cheers