Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Warmachine gaming Mangled Metal

My first games in the Warmachine system have been fun. Here are some of my observations and thoughts.

It's an interesting game it is skirmish gaming as opposed to big unit formation gaming. The heroic scale and styling suits this style of game. It can be a game of the big power move as well. Provided you get the timing right it can tip the game into a win. My Warcaster has a FEAT he can use once per game and if I am thinking about using it then I should probably use it. It's going to take me a while to get the hang of this game and I may never be as good at it as many other players but while I enjoy it I will keep returning.
If you are familiar with SAGA then this game has something of a familiar feel to it with all the synergies you create by casting certain boost spells on your battlegroup.

As my club has a few players of this game I put a shout out for a Multi Player game in the Rule book. They took the bait. 15 Points of Mangled Metal. Warcasters and Warjacks only which is perfect for me as I have no units yet.
Group games are great for learning and having a general talk about the rules. I can observe what other players are doing and hopefully learn something.
It was a great day of gaming and most of us went on to play 2 games. Very much a Gladiator type game.
The Table

My small force. Harkevich the Warcaster with his Whackamole Mace and Black Ivan and Torch.
Cygnar force
Mercenary players force
Quickly made spell effect reminder tokens. Another player with unpainted miniatures got sandwiched and was out!
Black Ivan got shot to pieces then finally attacked by the Cygnar warcaster

Kaboom! Black Ivan is down!

Getting a giant Morning Star to the face area. By now it was down to 3 players.

face off
Kablammo! Cygnar Warcaster gets wasted which means all his Warjacks turn off!

This means I am in 2nd place. Holy Cow! (Blank bases are wreck markers).

The winning Warcaster and his machines of destruction.

Lots of fun. 
Cheers for now from Brendon (The Kiwi)


  1. That was a brutal encounter! Cracking looking game too.

  2. Nice post! My gaming group is getting into Warma-hordes for the first time (I myself played about eight years ago for awhile). We are going to try to restrict ourselves to the boxed sets to start until people get up to speed. The game seems to have much to offer, early days yet for our group though. Again nice write up thanks!

  3. Great looking game and figs. BTW, is that Filthy Phil in the Challenge poster ;)!

  4. Your warjacks looked the best, they look quite fun to paint, even if you let them settle for second best in the battle.

    1. Thanks Baconfat. I thought I would be the first to be destroyed.