Monday, July 23, 2012

800 point Dystopian game.

I had a Dystopian Wars naval game a little while back at 800 points with my Empire Of the Blazing Sun fleet versus a Britannian Empire fleet. It was a campaign game and only my 3rd game. Turns out it only went for 4 turns by the rules of the campaign scenario. Not much really happened to be honest. Not in comparison to other more action packed games. Part of the reason might be because we had a Dreadnought each. Turns out these behemoths can dish out a pounding but also take a pounding. The game ended in a draw with me sinking 2 escorts and a chainsaw submersible for the loss of 3 of my Dreadnoughts escorts.
A part of me was turned off this game to a degree because of the lack of action and general slow feeling of the game. But a contributer to this is most likely the list options I took.
However a lot of the game seemed to be looking up amounts of dice you get at the four different range bands and considering where they are going to get allocated to. I can also see that it is possible that you can start to get a bit bored with the casino effect of the game when waiting for exploding dice lucky 6s to turn up. Making movement choices is interesting in this game as after you have moved considering your ships facing (broadsides, fixed arcs and so on) becomes critical. But with practice and cool people to play like my opponent Phil on the day who helped me work the options and when I have more experience it will surely yield improved tactics and game play.
We used the cards option which allows you to draw cards each turn up to the amount of squadrons you have on the table. This really helped the lack of making any major gain in sinking my fleet...why? Because some cards I got helped dispel damage.....kind of cool but increases the survivability so helped contribute to the final outcome of a draw. However it may be the scenario itself as other games of this scenario have resulted in drawn games for other players.

Here is what I created for 800 points.
My Squid sub got heavily targeted by the Britannians during the game so really it did nothiong but draw fire. They didn't manage to sink it though. Yaaay!
At this stage my Dreadnought had rammed a Brit chainsaw sub and sunk it. It's damaged twin still lingers near by. It was late in the game before my Dreadnought started to get some decent shooting away. Next time I think I will be a lot more aggresive with it from the get go. Other gamers of Dystopian tell me that the Blazing Sun Dreadnought is one of the weaker ones in the game.
Cheers for now.
The Kiwi (Brendon)

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